Amusements business

To the editor:

It was an honor to be the featured Q&A in the March 14 edition of The Hollywood Reporter, particularly since this was a ShoWest edition. The National Amusements team has worked hard to earn this special distinction. We would, however, like to correct some of the information that appeared in the article.

Regarding our Russian theaters (KinoStar brand), there are currently two theaters located in Moscow, which by the way are consistently on the list of the three top-grossing theaters in Russia. We will be opening our third theater in St. Petersburg in April, and at the end of the fourth quarter we will open two more theaters in Russia, one in St. Petersburg and one Moscow. In terms of the boxoffice, the 30% increase is for the entire Russian market, not just our theaters.

The films we are producing with Sony Pictures for the Russian market are produced through Monumental Pictures, a company we formed with Sony Pictures and our partner Paul Heth. We are proud to say that our first film (not two) will open in April.

One correction for the Brazilian market: We just opened another theater in Rio de Janeiro; we are not expecting to buy one next week. For the U.K., our major cinemas will open in 2008 and 2009, not 2009 and 2010.

In reference to release-date windows, it is exhibitors and studios that should work together, not just exhibitors. And finally, our digital projector rollout is currently 14 locations and 120 screens.

Thank you for sharing this information with your readers and for including us in the pages of The Hollywood Reporter.