Why would Fox do it?

To the editor:

I heartily agree with Howard Burns' On Point column of Nov. 16 regarding the deplorable lack of societal outrage at the publication of O.J. Simpson's book and the media attention that has followed it. Thank you for writing it. I wish it would result in riots in the streets.

I have always been happy to hear, over the years since the civil trial ended, that O.J. Simpson made an appearance and only 10 people showed up. Or that he signed books and seven people showed up. I hope that not a single copy of the book is sold. I hope that anyone involved in approving the publication of the book is fired for exhibiting such poor judgment and taste, lack of respect for the Brown and Goldman families, but mostly for their contribution to injustice in our society.

Regardless of the absurdity of the criminal acquittal, the man was (found liable) in a civil trial of murdering two people. Since that day, our society should have treated Simpson the way that American Indians treated members of tribes whose behavior was entirely unacceptable by society. He should be "shunned."

Everyone should ignore him. We should act as though he does not exist. He would not be invited to golf tournaments, cocktail parties, book signings, etc. We should not talk to him or listen to him. He should not be served in restaurants or checked out at the grocery store. No one should enter into any business dealings with him ? no real estate purchases, banking transactions or the like. Just act as though we cannot see him. It would be a punishment for him equal to no other.

But instead, someone actually publishes a book wherein he describes how he "would have done it." O.J.'s ponderings are simply the lowest common denominator in the morbid curiosity of a population.

Fox is not the only culprit. In essence, CNN did a half-hour promotion on the book (Friday) afternoon by reporting the publication of the book over the course of 30 minutes.

Simpson's book is simply one more piece of evidence that we are witnessing the decline of our civilization and that the media are certainly making its contribution toward its ultimate destruction.

To the editor:

As someone who represented one of those who was close to Nicole Brown Simpson during that tragic period of time following her homicide, I thank you for your remarks in your column Thursday on the subject.

It seems incredibly irresponsible for Fox and News Corp. to publish and broadcast something as disgusting as an interview with or a book by O.J. Simpson about the two murders for which he was found liable.

Your commentary was right on the money. And I guess that's what it's all about for Fox and Ms. Regan.