'Leviathan' Director Plans Next Film

Best Foreign-Language Film

Leviathan (Russia) (WINNER)
Force Majeure (Sweden)
Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (France)
Ida (Poland)
Tangerines (Estonia)

His new feature is scheduled to go into production in 2016.

Andrey Zvyagintsev, an Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe winning director of Leviathan, has announced a new feature, which is to be shot in 2016.

Zvyagintsev told the Russian FM radio station Govorit Moskva that the film will be centered on the relationship of a husband and wife who are parting ways.

"The story is very sad and intense," he said, adding that the film's viewers "are likely to shed tears."

Zvyagintsev wouldn't reveal the title of the movie at this stage.

He is currently preparing to cast the picture, and shooting is scheduled for next year.

Zvyagintsev is one of Russia's best known directors on an international scale. His most recent feature to date, Leviathan, was awarded for the best script at Cannes International Film Festival last year and went on to earn an Oscar nomination in the best foreign language film category and a Golden Globe in the same category.

However, Leviathan was criticized at home for allegedly showing Russian life in a negative light.

About six months ago, Zvyagintsev said he was undecided about what to do next, complaining that the economic downturn in Russia made it difficult for him to raise funding for new projects.