Levy's 'Hitler' No. 1 at German b.o.


MUNICH -- Dani Levy's controversial comedy "My Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler" was Germany's top film after its release Thursday -- despite critical reviews and a public spat between writer-director Levy and the film's star, German comic Helge Schneider (HR 1/9).

With 45,000 tickets sold on opening night, "Fuehrer" easily outpaced last week's No. 1 film, the Ben Stiller comedy "Night at the Museum." Levy's last feature, "Alles auf Zucker!" (2005) sold more than a million tickets.

On Thursday evening, Levy and Schneider appeared together on one of Germany's top-rated late-night shows to bury the hatchet.

"I've said (negative things) about albums I've made," said Schneider, who also is an accomplished musician and songwriter. "For instance, I'd say that the album before last was shit," he went on. "I wouldn't say that this film is shit. I said that more could have been made out of it, and that wasn't meant as criticism."

Levy, for his part, said that he was "in love" with Schneider's acting abilities and that he had dreamed of seeing the comedian in the part from the very beginning of the project.