LFW: This Is How Bryan Boy Sleeps During Fashion Month

Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images Entertainment
Bryan Boy being fashionable at the Marc Jacobs spring 2015 show in New York on Sept. 11. Next stop, Europe.

At Tom Ford's spring '15 show in London on Monday, the super blogger and "America's Next Top Model" judge gave us tips for surviving the jet-set life — jet lag and all. Spoiler alert: It isn't as glam as it seems

Bryan Boy (nee Bryan Grey Yambao) has done his fair share of jet-setting. Since starting his Manila-based style blog back in 2006, the OG blogosphere superstar has accomplished quite a bit in the fashion world — he has a Marc Jacobs bag named after him, was featured in Vogue and was a judge on season 19 of America's Next Top Model. He also has half a million Instagram followers and flies around the world to attend major fashion shows, including Tom Ford's spring 2015 presentation in London on Sept. 15, where we caught up with the 31 year-old before the show. 

Since we spotted him at the likes of Marc Jacobs and various other runways in New York last week, we just had to ask — when in the hell does the guy have time to sleep? (He arrived in London on Sept. 12, took a day trip to Rome, and is already en route to Milan. We figured he must have some magic trick we're clearly unaware of as we write this from our London hotel room at 2 a.m.)

These are his top three suggestions:

1. Jet lag isn't real. 

You’re not jet-lagged; your body’s in a different time zone. I sleep when I’m tired!

2. Fashion Weeks aren't for partying; they're for business.

I haven't gone out to a party. I skip the parties. I’m very militant when it comes to my schedule. I go to sleep by 11:30 p.m. and wake up by 5:30 or 6. 

3. Pry the phone out of your fingers. 

If you have your phone with you in bed, you’re Instagramming all night. So now I have a policy of putting my phone in airplane mode so I fall asleep. 

And there you have it. Sweet dreams, y'all.