CES: LG Adds Apple Airplay Support

LG OLED TV R-Publicity-H 2019.
Courtesy of LG

Apple Airplay is making its way to another television platform.

Apple Airplay is making its way to another television platform. 

Apple's technology that allows users to mirror what is on their iPhones or Macs onto a television screen will be available on LG's 2019 smart TVs. The South Korean electronics company joins Samsung and Vizio in offering the feature, which allows people to stream music or videos on a larger screen. 

LG announced the partnership onstage at its 2019 CES media presentation, during which it also unveiled a rollable OLED TV. LG is also planning to integrate Alexa's voice controls into its TV operating system, which already offers Google Assistant.

During its 45-min presentation, LG also showed off its AI product, ThinQ, which not only works with kitchen and laundry devices but also extends to televisions by, for example, remembering what types of television shows a person watches. 

Apple has had a big presence at CES, even though the iPhone maker notoriously doesn't present at the event itself. In addition to offering AirPlay capabilities, Samsung revealed on Jan. 6 that it is adding an iTunes app to its TVs for users to buy and rent movies and TV shows. The app will be available in 100 countries on 2019 and 2018 models.