LG Cutting Cost of 3D Glasses

Flat screen TV

LAS VEGAS -- These days, a pair of 3D glasses for the home can run $150 at pair, and at that price, inviting a group of friends to a Super Bowl party is highly impractical.

So at CES on Wednesday, LG announced a new line of "Cinema 3D" 3DTVs that will use polarized glasses priced about $20. Additionally, the company's 3DTVs will come bundled with four pairs of 3D eyewear.

LG also wants to bring 3D from the living room to the palm of your hand. At the show this week, it will demonstrate 3D Mobile DTV playing on a new LG 4.3-inch, glasses-free mobile device.

"3D is really important to LG," company CTO Skott Ahn said, noting that LG will have a range of 3D-enabled products at CES that also will include laptops and Blu-ray players.

The big picture for LG, reported Ahn, is that "2011 is all about smart products. We have smart mobiles, smart TVs and smart appliances."

Glee star Jane Lynch helped to introduce the smart technology -- via a prerecorded video -- during LG's CES news conference on Wednesday.

Smart technologies will include a new LG Optimus mobile phone, which Ahn said would enable the consumer to play 1080p HD video, "making it a true cinema in your pocket."

A new LG tablet will be introduced Thursday.

Prototype technologies that LG will show at CES include a 31-inch 3D OLED TV and an auto-stereo (glasses free) TV.