LG Debuts Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone, Inks Youtube Deal

Two 5-megapixel video cameras allow for self-created 3D content that users can share via Youtube 3D.

BARCELONA, Spain – While consumers will first be introduced to glasses-free 3D gaming on March 27 when Nintendo launches its Nintendo 3DS portable game device, 3D is going mainstream in the portable space this year. LG Electronics used Mobile World Congress 2011 to introduce the world's first autostereoscopic (glasses free) 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D. The phone, which is expected to ship this summer, features a 4.3-inch display for watching 3D movies, playing 3D video games and even recording and sharing 3D videos.

"Every phone comes with two 5 megapixel video cameras for 3D filming, so users can create 3D content themselves and seamlessly share with others through Youtube 3D with the press of one button," said Daniel Hernandez, director of European Product Marketing, LG Electronics.

"Self-created content is paramount today for 3D. When recording in 3D, consumers can see the image in 3D in real-time to allow for on-the-fly adjustments of what they're recording."

LG has entered into a new partnership with Youtube, which is part of a broader push into 3D entertainment by LG and the world's largest online video community. YouTube and LG collaborated to enable the delivery and sharing of 3D video onto mobile devices in a way that makes it simple and easy for consumers.

"3D technology has traditionally been reserved for the major Hollywood movie studios," said Francsico Varela, head of YouTube Platform Partnerships. "With the new LG Optimus 3D anyone anywhere in the world can shoot 3D videos, upload them to YouTube and share them with their friends. We're excited to see the creative videos our community captures and shares with this new technology."

Dr. Jong-Seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics, said the company decided to enter the 3D arena to bring the movie theater experience of 3D blockbusters like Avatar to the portable space.

"The 3D mobile display works without glasses, which makes it comfortable and convenient to watch 3D entertainment," said Park. "The era of true 3D mobile has arrived."

Multiple connectivity options, including High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), also make it easy for users to transfer their recorded content to other devices or watch movies or play games on a 3D TV, including those made by LG.

Equipped with a 1GHz OMAP4 dual-core processor and four times more video decoders than competing designs, the LG Optimus 3D doubles the graphics performance of its nearest competitor, allowing users surf the web, run applications and play movies and games with great speed.

Three games will come pre-installed on the device, including Gameloft's racing game Asphalt 6, Let's Golf! and the first-person shooter, NOVA. Gamers can play these on a big screen or watch 3D movies on the go or at home on a 3D TV.

LG has created a "3D Zone," which acts as a hub for all 3D content, including 3D pictures, video, movies and games.