Liam Gallagher backs Beatles movie

Based on Richard DiLello's 'The Longest Cocktail Party'

LONDON -- Plans to bring Richard DiLello's memoir of his years at the London headquarters of The Beatles' record company Apple to the big screen are gathering pace.

British production label Revolution Films, run by producer Andrew Eaton and filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, is developing the project with the book's current rights owner, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

Eaton and company are expected to launch the project to buyers and sellers alike during next week's Festival de Cannes.

DiLello's memoir, "The Longest Cocktail Party," details his time at the label's Savile Row offices in London at the end of the 1960s and is an insider's view of the crazy goings on during that period of The Beatles' life.

The author himself worked in the company's press office and was part of the scene back in the day.

Insiders said the movie is something producer Eaton is keen to do and Gallagher is known for his love of The Beatles.

And Revolution Films is no stranger to movies about the music biz having taken the story of Factory Records in Manchester and its bands including Joy Division, James and Happy Mondays, to the big screen with "24 Hour Party People."

Next week's Cannes is beginning to look very rock 'n roll.