Liam Neeson: Mel Gibson Is 'Cool' About 'Hangover II' Replacement

Star insists there's no problem with Gibson after taking over the pivotal role.

Mel Gibson clearly has no hard feelings about losing his cameo in Hangover 2. Just ask the guy who got the part.

Liam Neeson said that he spoke to Mel after stepping into the role once Gibson was dismissed and "we're all cool."

"I spoke to Mel, Mel's cool about it," he told Access Hollywood. Neeson described the conversation as "very pleasant."

Neeson also insisted he didn't even know the part was destined for Gibson.

"I didn't realize it at the time," he said.

Gibson lost the part in October, shortly after the casting was announced following an internal backlash at the studio and on the film's set.  Zach Galifianakis was one star who was especially against the Gibson stunt casting.

Neeson and Gibson worked together on 1984's The Bounty.