Liam Neeson praised for professionalism

Atom Egoyan directing actor in 'Chloe' after his wife's death

NEW YORK – The director of an upcoming Liam Neeson movie said Monday that Neeson showed remarkable professionalism in returning to work so soon after the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson.

Atom Egoyan praised Neeson for returning to the Toronto set of "Chloe" the week after Richardson's death. Neeson came back for a couple days' work to complete his scenes for the thriller directed by Egoyan.

"He was very committed to the film and finishing his role, and he didn't need to come back that soon," Egoyan said in an interview for his new drama "Adoration," which opens May 8. "But he really thought it would be best for the film, and it was just such an unspeakably generous thing for him to do. And he's an extraordinary, extraordinary person."

Neeson's work on the film had been on hold after Richardson sustained a head injury in a fall March 16 during a skiing lesson in Quebec. Richardson died two days later.

Egoyan said it's a tough adjustment for Neeson now that he is raising his and Richardson's two sons alone.

"He's doing better, but I think it's going to be really difficult for Liam because ... Natasha was really involved in raising the boys," Egoyan said. "But there's a lot of people around him. There's a lot of support around him."