How Well Do You Know 'Liar Liar'?

'Liar Liar'

Test your knowledge of the 1997 comedy, starring Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey starred as a lying attorney compelled to tell the truth in the 1997 Universal film Liar Liar, which hit theaters 20 years ago on March 21.

In the film, Carrey's character is unable to lie after his son makes a birthday wish that his dad be honest and it comes true. The Tom Shadyac-directed movie was produced by Brian Grazer and also starred Jennifer Tilly, Swoosie Kurtz and Cary Elwes.

The film has an 81 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes (94 percent among "top critics") and earned more than $300 million at the worldwide box office.

In honor of the movie's anniversary, test your knowledge of Liar Liar's memorable moments and plot points in the quiz below.


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