"Lie Witness News" Asks People About Donald Trump's Fake White House Renovation Plans

Lie Witness News - Trump White House Edition -Screen Shot- H 2016
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube/ABC

The president-elect's ideas, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' jokes, include replacing the White House with "a 50-story penthouse building with gold on the outside and a giant T on top."

Donald Trump is moving into the White House in January, and Jimmy Kimmel already has ideas about how the president-elect is going to renovate it.

The latest "Lie Witness News" makes up ways that Trump will change the White House and asks people for their opinions on said fictional renovations.

One person said the country is "in need of a change" so he's "open to any new ideas," like Trump tearing down the current White House and building a "bigger, better" one.

Other interviewees were more skeptical about changes like a champagne fountain and a food court with a McDonald's in it. One man, however, was perfectly comfortable with replacing the White House with a "50-story penthouse building — gold on the outside, giant T on top."

The man replied that the White House is the face of our country, and America is going to get bigger and better with Trump, so a renovation is "definitely going to benefit us." Where did he hear the news? "Tweeter," of course. 

After talking to a gentleman who was convinced that Jimmy Carter had built an outhouse, and talking to another about a water bed with a mirror on top of it, the interviewer asked people to chant with him about making the Christmas tree even larger. They chanted "bigger tree" over and over again, turning the word into bigotry. One woman caught on, "No bigotry in the White House," she said, laughing.