'Life, Animated' Director Roger Ross Williams: Documentaries "Can Be Uplifting and Positive" | Documentary Oscar Roundatble

'Life, Animated' is "an uplifting, positive story about going into the older world of Owen, who has autism," Williams said.

"Owen developed such a rich, internal world, and I bring the audience into that world," filmmaker Roger Ross Williams told The Hollywood Reporter during the Documentary Oscar Roundtable while discussing his film, Life, Animated, about a boy who learned how to communicate through the medium of Disney's classic films.

Disney allowed Williams to use footage from classic films, to re-cut and in some cases re-draw scenes from its animation. "I had to go in to the studio with all the heads of every department of Disney: legal, animation, marketing. And I had to take them on a journey through the film," said Williams. "By the time I finished, they were in tears."

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