Box Office Milestone: 'Life of Pi' Crosses $500 Million Worldwide

FOX: "Life of Pi"

Fox is back in the ring this year with Ang Lee's ambitious epic "Life of Pi," opening Nov. 21. It breaks new ground with its 3D and lavish visual effects, which have received a seal of approval from Cameron himself.

Ang Lee's 3D best picture Oscar nominee has made 80 percent of its haul internationally.

Director Ang Lee's fantasy-adventure Life of Pi has crossed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office as it continues to defy expectations.

Fox's 3D film reached the milestone Tuesday. Life of Pi has grossed $100.4 million domestically and $401 million internationally for a total $501.4 million.

Life of Pi is nominated for 11 Oscars -- second only to Lincoln's 12 -- including best picture and best director.

Many questioned whether Life of Pi, based on Yann Martel's 2001 novel about a young Indian boy lost at sea with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, could be successfully adapted for the big screen. Costing north of $120 million to produce, the movie has turned into a profit generator for Fox.

Life of Pi made headlines when debuting first in Asia, grossing $90.8 million in China alone. Now, it's doing impressive business in Europe and Latin America, as well as Australia.