'Life of Pi' Trailer Wows With a Mighty Storm and 3D Adventure (Video)

Life of Pi - H 2012

Life of Pi - H 2012

Action-packed and beautifully scored, the first look at Ang Lee's adaptation of the award-winning novel teases an epic journey.

Meet Pi. And Richard Parker. Can you guess which one of them is the tiger?

Oscar-winner Ang Lee and 20th Century Fox have debuted the first trailer of the highly anticipated adaptation of the unconventional, Yann Martell-penned novel, The Life of Pi, and one thing is clear: this is 3D as you've never seen it before. While most uses of the technology come in spicing up (and jacking the ticket price) superhero flicks, Pi creates a more immersive world, in some ways like Avatar, but with a focus on bringing out the natural wonders of earth.

Made on eight soundstages in Taiwan, it certainly stands out from the rest of this winter's releases -- though, between The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit, there is a good chance we'll see 3D in a whole new way by the new year.

Viewers get a preview of the bengal tiger (yeah, that's Richard Parker) and the mighty storm that sets the protagonist (yep, Pi) off into sorrow and odyssey, and more is sure to come as the new release date of November 21 approaches.