Life After Tom Cruise: Katie Holmes Heading to New York Fashion Week With Holmes & Yang Line

Now that she's independent, Holmes is free to promote her fashion line much more than she has in the past.

We've always wondered why Katie Holmes has not done more to promote her fashion line with her stylist Jeanne Yang, Holmes & Yang, which they founded together in 2009. But now it seems that Holmes & Yang will do their first New York fashion week outing this September, a  presentation -- as opposed to a runway show. 

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Women's Wear Daily reports that the line will host its first New York showing to editors and retailers. The line is sold at Barneys and Harvey Nichols in London, and includes daywear, eveningwear and handbags. It is always well-reviewed but not in many stores, and it's always seemed to have the potential to go much bigger. It would seem wise for Holmes -- never considered much of a fashion maven before her marriage to Cruise but now always in great designer and casual looks -- to strike while the iron and the media attention are both hot, so to speak.

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And since she's going to get a ridiculous amount of press now -- and possibly, for a long time -- it's a great time to take Holmes & Yang to the next level. (In fact, the pair were one of four stylist/celebrity covers that The Hollywood Reporter ran this past March as part of the 25 Most Powerful Stylists Annual List issue.) At first it appeared the women's line would host a full-on runway show, but more recent reports speculate it will be "a presentation." That means the clothes will be shown on models or mannequins who are not on a runway, and editors and retailers will be free to take pictures of them, touch the fabrics and go up and inspect the garments at close range.

But the question has to be raised: Who will be dressing Tom Cruise from now on? Yang was dressing Cruise (and she also works with Christian Bale) long before he met or married Holmes. Will Yang continue to work with both? Clearly, she has a label with Holmes. The job of being Cruise's new stylist may very well be up for grabs.