Lifetime Developing Chaplain Drama from 'Touched by an Angel' Producer (Exclusive)

Ryan Miller/Getty Images
Martha Williamson

On the heels of "Dolphin Tale's" success comes a drama about a hospital chaplain from the producer of "Promised Land."

In its bid to continue to grow its once enviable audience, Lifetime has tapped the creative talents of Touched by an Angel's Martha Williamson.

The producer, who was named one of the most powerful Christians in Hollywood in 2007, is developing a drama about a hospital chaplain. The still untitled project hails from production company Muse.

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The religious theme is in keeping with Williamson's resume, which includes hosting A Touch of Encouragement, an inspiration video Website on multi-faith e-community She has also authored several books, including Inviting God To Your Wedding. 

The news comes as a string of inspirational, faith-based films, from Surf Surfer to Dolphin Tale, have struck big at the box office. With few exceptions, the theme is largely ignored in series programming on the small screen today.

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