Lifetime fires up 'Everything' mini


Lifetime has given the green light to "Everything She Ever Wanted," a four-hour miniseries starring Gina Gershon, Ryan McPartlin and Victor Garber.

The project, based on Ann Rule's book, centers on Pat (Gershon), who, with her younger husband Tom (McPartlin) at her side, is determined to become part of Atlanta's elite.

But her greedy thirst for power proves insatiable, ruining her marriage and putting those around her in danger.

Garber will play Tom's stern and overbearing father, who strongly disapproves of his son's choice for a wife.

Peter Svatek is set to direct from a script by Michael Vickerman ("Impact"). Nicholas Tabarrok is producing the mini, slated to begin production soon in Toronto.

McPartlin, who co-stars on NBC's "Chuck," is repped by ICM and Evolution.

Gershon recently appeared on episodes of ABC's "Life on Mars" and CBS' "Numbers." Garber co-starred on ABC's "Eli Stone." (partialdiff)