Lifetime greenlights 'Fab Five'


Lifetime has greenlighted the original movie "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal," based on a true story about five out-of-control teenage girls. Tatum O'Neal, Jenna Dewan and Ashley Benson have signed on to star.

In the movie from Orly Adelson Prods. and Fox Television Studios, Benson plays Brooke Tippit, captain of the cheerleading squad and daughter of principal Lorene Tippit (O'Neal), whose groups of friends -- known as the Fab Five -- constantly disobey school rules and disregard teachers while administrators turn the other way.

When young teacher Emma Carr (Dewan) joins the faculty as the new cheerleading coach, she tries to discipline them, only to be asked to resign. Then she decides to take the story to the local and national media.

The real version of the events took place at a high school in the Dallas suburb of McKinney; the story broke in late 2006.

"The real-life story of these cheerleaders shocked many when the story broke, not only for their racy and inappropriate behavior but also for the inaction of the school's administrators and parents," Lifetime senior vp original movies Tanya Lopez said. "We hope this movie reminds parents how important it is to set limits on their children."

Tom McLoughlin is directing from a script by Teena Booth. Adelson is executive producer, with Jonathan Eskenas serving as co-executive producer and Bob Wilson as producer.

"Fab Five" is set to premiere in the summer.

Oscar winner O'Neal, who recurs on FX's "Rescue Me," recently starred in MyNetworkTV's "Wicked Wicked Games."

Dewan starred in "Step Up" and also appeared in "The Grudge 2."

Benson, known for playing Abigail Deveraux on NBC's "Days of Our Lives," recently starred in the cheerleader-themed "Bring It On: In It to Win It."