Lifetime votes for 'Blonde' political party


Lifetime is heading to D.C., greenlighting an unscripted series starring a trio of twentysomething socialites looking to make their mark on Washington socially and professionally.

The six-episode series, titled "Blonde Charity Mafia," takes its name from an exclusive group of young women who make the rounds on Washington's social circuit. The show will feature Katherine Kennedy and Krista Johnson, who are said to throw hot-ticket charity functions, as well as their acquaintance Sophie Pyle, who always is in attendance at the events.

"Katherine, Krista and Sophie are at the epicenter of Georgetown's young cultural scene," Lifetime senior vp reality programming Jessica Samet said. "This absorbing series will pull the curtain back on the fragility of friendship among the beautiful, wealthy and powerful."

Production begins in September on the PB&J Television- produced series. Patty Ivins Specht and Julie Pizzi ("The Simple Life") are executive producing, with Jeff Kuntz serving as co-executive producer. (partialdiff)