Lift ticket: Ski Channel going tandem with Rage


The Ski Channel, set to launch next year, has inked a multifaceted partnership with ski filmmakers Rage Films.

The deal includes exclusive and nonexclusive windows for all Rage ski films on the Ski Channel as well as programming partnerships that leverage Rage's extensive clip library along with future production partnerships.

The agreement also includes an equity investment on behalf of the Ski Channel into Rage Films, an option to purchase the rest of Rage at a future date and a sponsorship on the Rage Ski Film Tour.

"In a category with so many amazing film companies, Rage stands out as their films are filled with such creative, inventive ways to pull off the stunts," Ski Channel chairman and CEO Steve Bellamy said. "They don't just make movies featuring a guy doing one more flip than the guy in the last movie did. They are master craftsmen and create cinematic masterpieces."

The Ski Channel — an ad-supported network delivered via VOD, Web, wireless and other platforms — will cover a range of year-round activities, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, backpacking and climbing, along with many off-slope activities.

Oregon-based Rage is operated by CEO Sky Pinnick, who has been making ski movies for nearly 20 years and generally produces one new ski film a year in addition to other action sports product. Rage films include "Corduroy," "Booter Crunk" and the upcoming "Enjoy."

The terms of the deal provide Rage with an exclusive window on the Ski Channel intended to "jump-start the promotion and marketing of each new film." The companies said Rage also will partner on other Ski Channel programming and have "premiere positioning" for "The Making Of …" shows for all upcoming films across the channel's platforms.

"We now have the biggest promotional platform imaginable to exhibit and market what we spend everyday so painstakingly and passionately creating," Pinnick said.

Along with Rage, Ski Channel's corporate partners include Time Warner Cable, Panasonic, Marquis Jets, Fender Guitars, Mirage Resorts and Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley.