Light Iron Launches New Mobile Postproduction Program

Services will be demoed at Cine Gear Expo, which opens Friday on the Paramount lot.

In recent years postproduction has expanded beyond the traditional facility to include portable setups that can go on location.

As an extension of this change, Hollywood postproduction business Light Iron is introducing a new leasing program whereby production companies, rental houses or individuals can take possession of their own mobile postproduction system.

Mobile postproduction configurations are typically rented for the duration of a production. Such systems from Light Iron have been used on set for productions including The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall and Flight.

But with the launch of Light Iron’s "Outpost Enterprise" program, CEO Michael Cioni tells The Hollywood Reporter that interest in mobile postproduction has grown beyond on-set services. “We believe the [move from film to data] minimizes the dependence on traditional brick-and-mortar processing facilities. Outpost Enterprise empowers rental houses, stages, production companies, post facilities and [individuals] to offer state-of-the art postproduction services, totally on their own.”

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The Outpost Enterprise program represents a multimillion dollar investment, and Light Iron aims to have more than 100 systems deployed in 2013, both in the U.S. and internationally, according to Cioni.

With the new program, a customer takes possession of a mobile system for a “security deposit” of under $5,000. Afterward, the customer pays a predetermined rate for the days a system is used. Light Iron explained that this model would allow clients to set their own rates in order to create and grow new revenue opportunities.

Available through the program are Light Iron’s Outpost, Lily Pad or Lily Pad Case — all of which offer data workflows and can be configured with specific support for digital cameras such as Arri’s Alexa, Sony’s F65 or Red’s Epic. Additional features include color correction, color space monitoring and management supporting AMPAS’ Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES), customizable watermarking, wireless iPad dailies syncing and metadata entry. (Light Iron intends to update the features as technology evolves, Cioni said.)

Light Iron will demonstrate these technologies at the annual Cine Gear Expo, which opens Friday on the Paramount lot.

The Outpost Enterprise program is scheduled to launch in July and operate out of a new office in Hollywood.

Light Iron continues to offer rental of its mobile systems (roughly $700 per day), though Cioni aims to phase out that option over the next couple years.