'Light of My Life' Trailer: Casey Affleck Stars in Film About Female-Targeted Plague

Light of My Life Still - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Berlinale

Anna Pniowsky, Elisabeth Moss, Tom Bower, Timothy Webber and Hrothgar Matthews also star in the drama, which Affleck directed, wrote and co-produced.

Saban Films on Wednesday released the first trailer for Casey Affleck's Light of My Life.

The drama follows a father (Affleck), who must protect his daughter, Rag (Anna Pniowsky), by disguising her as his son following a pandemic that has wiped out the world's female population.

Elisabeth Moss, Tom Bower, Timothy Webber and Hrothgar Mathews also star in the film, which Affleck directed, wrote and co-produced.

The trailer opens with shots of the father and daughter camping in the woods. "I'm the only girl of my species. I'm the only one I ever saw," Rag, who sports a short haircut and dresses in boy's clothes, tells her father.

Another clip shows the father-daughter duo out shopping. When the cashier notes that the child appears young, the father replies that "he was just a newborn" when the plague that wiped out the female population hit. 

It is revealed in a flashback that Rag's mother (Moss) died from the plague, which Rag is worried she might have. "You don’t have the plague, but just because people aren't getting sick anymore doesn't mean that the world is right again," the father explains about why Rag has to continue to pretend to be a boy. After Rag asks when the world will become right again, he responds, "When it's balanced."

The trailer continues to highlight the family's struggles to keep Rag safe. "They're looking for me 'cause I'm a girl," she says in a voiceover as they move from place to place in an effort to find shelter.

"I'll always be with you, even if someone hurt me and stabbed me and knocked me down and put me in a block of ice and dropped me in the bottom of the ocean," Affleck's character tells Rag. "Then I'll get up and I'll be free and I'll come find you and I'll keep being your dad."

Several social media users on Wednesday pointed out the oddity of a man accused of harassment of women now creating a film set in a world without women. Affleck has previously been accused of sexual harassment and settled cases filed against him by two women that worked on 2010's I'm Still Here. The claims resurfaced when Affleck was in contention for and ultimately won an Oscar in 2017. 

Light of My Life is set to be released Aug. 9. Watch the full trailer below.