Lights Go Out at Donald Trump Rally After Protester Pulls Wire

Donald Trump in the Dark at Atlanta Rally 2 - H 2016

The Republican presidential candidate leads his supporters in a chant of "Turn out the lights!" following the prank.

A protester at a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta cut the spotlights Sunday, prompting a surreal scene in which Trump led his supporters in a chant of "Turn off the lights!"

Lighting director Bob Hunter told The Associated Press that he stepped away from his booth near the front of the stage for a quick bathroom break.

He returned to a chaotic scene with shouts in his headset letting him know the lights were off. He said people in the area told him a protester had reached over and pulled a wire.

Hunter quickly turned them back up — but it turned out that Trump actually liked the darker stage, without bright spotlights in his eyes.

"They're too bright, turn them off," he shouted, before leading his supporters in a chant of: "Turn off the lights!"

Hunter quickly obliged.

"I was trying not to be that guy," he said with a sheepish laugh after the rally. "You're making me that guy."