The Lights Go Out Jan. 24

41 FEA Arianna Huffington Party The King's Speech H
Courtesy of AOL

Huffington's party for "The King's Speech."

When it comes to Oscar-season partying, It's going to be either feast or famine this year. The Academy issued new campaign regulations in September to limit some of the more egregious vote-courting that took place last season, like the bash Arianna Huffington threw for The King's Speech at her home in Brentwood. But the new rules cut two ways.

Before Oscar nominations are announced Jan. 24, there are few restrictions. Among party planners, there's a feeling that anything goes, and there already has been an explosion of pre-nomination catered screenings, often with filmmaker Q&As attached. They can even be quite swank. On Nov. 10, the Italian jeweler Pomellato is hosting a special screening of Lynne Ramsay's searing drama We Need to Talk About Kevin at which the movie's stars, Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly, are scheduled to appear.

But after the nominations come out, the partying must end.  Says one veteran campaigner, "I haven't found a way around the rules yet, but I will if I get desperate enough."