Does Lil Mama's Caged Bird Sing?

Getty Images

Talk about an unusual accessory.

The VMAs are known for their flamboyant fashions (cough, meat dress, cough) and little unexpected flourishes on the red carpet, but Lil Mama's accessory of choice for Sunday evening's show had us scratching our heads. 

The rapper ditched a clutch and instead arrived with a bird cage tucked under her arm, leading us to wonder, is it a metaphor? Just an artistic touch? Did Lil Mama's bird-sitter bail last minute, forcing her to take her the little creature to the carpet? And who made that birdcage, do tell!

The red birdcage matched Lil Mama's firey red ruffle dress by Michael Costello, which we imagine was an homage to the orange and yellow coloring of her little flying friend. 

From the looks of it, the animal was real; however, whether or not the caged bird sang is another question entirely.