Lil Wayne in "Good Spirits" and Recovering After Minor Seizure

Getty Images/Prince Williams
Lil Wayne

This is the fourth high-profile seizure the rapper has suffered in the past four years.

Lil Wayne is stable and in “good spirits” after suffering a minor seizure earlier today, a rep for the rapper tells Billboard.

The hip-hop artist’s private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Nebraska when he suffered a seizure. The artist was reportedly on his way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to California at the time and had blacked out upon the plane's landing.

Wayne's reps confirm that he did experience a "minor" seizure, though his recovery is underway. “Under the guidance of his own doctors, he is now in stable condition and good spirits. He thanks his fans for their everlasting support, prayers and well wishes,” the rep adds.

This is the fourth high-profile seizure the rapper has suffered in the past four years, dating back to October 2012. Wayne, who admitted in 2013 that he suffers from epilepsy and is "prone to seizures," has said that he suffers seizures due to stress, lack of rest and overwork. 

"This isn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I’ve had a bunch of seizures, ya’ll just never hear about them." he said at the time. "But this time it got real bad ’cause I had three of them in a row, and on the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30 percent. Basically, I could’ve died, so that is why it was so serious." 

TMZ was first to report the news about Lil Wayne on Monday. Though the site was inconsistent in its reporting on Wayne's March 2013 seizure, it was the first to report that Prince's plane made an emergency landing April 15, after which the singer was rushed to an Illinois hospital. While reps for Prince at the time chalked it up to complications from the flu, the music icon died six days later on April 21 of what was eventually confirmed to be an opioid overdose.

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