Lil Wayne: 'It's Lonely at the Top' (Video)

Lil Wayne - performance - 2009
Noah Graham/Getty Images

The rapper says his new track "Nightmares of the Bottom" expresses his fear of "being down there with the people that ain't lonely."

It's hard being so successful.

So said Lil Wayne during the recent taping of MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged.

After performing his new track "Nightmares of the Bottom," from his forthcoming album Tha Carter IV, he talked about the meaning behind the song.

"I mean simply, sleeping at the top with nightmares of the bottom," Wayne told MTV News' Sway. "Everybody says it's lonely at the top. It is lonely, so I dream, though, and the only thing I dream about is being down there with the people that ain't lonely. Thank God I am alone."

The rapper has released eight solo albums for a combined total of more than 10 million sold; as a result, he gets nervous that one day he'll find that his success has peaked and he's on his way back down.

"And that's simply what it is: nightmares of the bottom," he added, before rapping the song's lyrics: "Sleeping at the top/Nightmares of the bottom/Everybody wanna be fly/Until you swat 'em."

The Unplugged special airs Sunday on MTV, MTV2 and