Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music Tour to Undergo Set List Change-Ups

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The rapper's musical director explains the impact his “Tha Carter IV” will have on the remaining summer shows.

Between Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape and his highly anticipated Tha Carter IV, due for an Aug. 29 post-VMA release, the rapper has a lot of ground to cover during his upcoming appearances.

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With dates scheduled through September, Weezy’s I Am Still Music Tour will continue to undergo changes in its set-list. Wayne’s musical director Gil Smith spoke with MTV News about what concert-goers can expect.

“I think just in terms of the tour, we’ve been adding songs here and there,” he said. “You gotta understand with Wayne, there is so much music. I mean, we can talk about Tha Carter IV, and then we can sit down and have a different conversation about Sorry 4 the Wait, which was a whole different thing that he put out. So it’s so much music. Even when we’re on the road, he’s releasing song after song, so we got to kind of find ways to incorporate that as we go along.”

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The actual set-list isn’t the only change from the early performances of his tour – Weezy’s stage antics have evolved as well.

“It’s changed quite a bit. Now he’s skating around the stage, he has a skateboard trainer who’s out there with him,” Smith added. “He’s really into skateboarding, and he’s also into singing for the ladies. There’s a section of the tour that’s dedicated to that, and that’s how we kind of incorporated ‘How to Love,’ along with some other favorites.”

Wayne extended the tour back in May, and is now slated to take his final bow in Woodlands, Texas on Sept. 11th.  He can be seen performing on the MTV Video Music Awards stage on Sunday, Aug. 28.