'Lilly' sequel, 'Ritter Rost' get financing

German kids favorites receive Bavarian funds

BERLIN -- The sequel to German fantasy hit "Lilly the Witch" and the adaptation of another German kids favorite, "Ritter Rost" (Knight Rust), were first in line when the Bavarian film funds the FFB and BBF handed out the goodies Friday.

"Lilly and the Journey to Mandolan" received €1 million ($1.3 million) in production financing, while "Ritter Rost," which follows the adventures of a rusty robotic knight, received €500,000 ($661,000) in subsidy cash.

The first "Lilly the Witch" film, directed by Stefan Ruzowitky (foreign-language Oscar winner "The Counterfeiters") has already earned about $8 million at the German boxoffice.

Teen-targeted productions also benefited from Bavarian largess, with Marc Rothemund's comedy "Alles fur Lila" (Everything for Lila) and Christian Ditter's "Vorstadtkrokodile 2" (Suburban Crocodiles 2), another sequel, receiving €450,000 ($593,000) and €400,000 ($529,000) respectively.
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