Lilly Singh Takes on New Matt Lauer Claims, Open Letter

A LITLLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH -Lilly Singh- Publicity-H 2019
Scott Angelheart/NBC

The 'Little Late' host became the first NBC late-night personality to tackle the latest allegations against the former 'Today' show host, commenting on the claims in her recurring "gift baskets" segment.

Lilly Singh called out Matt Lauer during Tuesday's episode of A Little Late.

In an attempt to bring "a little more positivity" into the world, the NBC late-night host regularly shares mock gift baskets to "cheer some people up who've been having a hard time."

In the latest edition of the recurring segment, Singh dedicated a gift basket to former Today host Lauer, who, as she summarized, "was fired from this network after several allegations came up accusing the former news anchor of sexual assault, which he denies all of the claims. Yeah, OK."

Singh's segment comes two weeks after new details about sexual misconduct claims against Lauer emerged in Ronan Farrow's new book, Catch and Kill, including allegations that Lauer raped former NBC employee Brooke Nevils at the Sochi Olympics.

The Little Late host appears to be the first NBC late-night personality to respond to the new claims about Lauer.

Lauer responded to the claims in an open letter, claiming that his relationship with Nevils was a consensual extramarital affair. Nevils responded to the letter by calling it "a case study in victim blaming."

The first gift for Lauer in Singh's basket was a bottle of Jergens lotion. "Because the only thing that will be getting you off anytime soon is your own hand," she explained. "I got the travel size because I can't imagine your tiny penis would need any more than that."

"Next, here's a button. It's kind of like the one you allegedly had behind your desk to lock female co-workers in your office with you," she said. "Except this one locks your penis in your pants."

Lauer also addressed the reported button in his open letter. "There was not a button in my office that could lock the door from the inside. There was no such locking mechanism. It didn’t exist," he wrote.

Singh's final gift was inspired by Lauer's open letter, "where you not only refuse to take responsibility for your heinous actions, but you also blame your victims."

"Matty boy, since you love letters so much, I got you two," she said before she pulled the letters F and U out of two envelopes. "Would you look at that? It's an F-U."

The host also made a gift basket for Todd Phillips. The Joker and Hangover director has received backlash for the violence in the film and "for whining that comedy is dead thanks to 'woke culture.'"

The basket included "some comedies you can enjoy," such as Bridesmaids, Fleabag and Insecure. "Not only are these made in the woke era, but they're funny," said Singh. "And get this. Women play characters that aren't strippers or nagging wives or super hot chicks that sleep with Ed Helms even though Bradley Cooper is right there."

"Next, since you clearly love living in the past, I burned you a CD," she continued. "You and I may disagree about the current state of comedy, but there's one thing I know we can agree on. We would never use a pedophile's music in our movies. Oh wait, you did that!"

The Joker soundtrack features Gary Glitter's 1972 song "Rock and Roll, Part II." The musician is currently serving a 16-year jail sentence for sexually abusing three young girls in the late 1970s.

"At least use a song by an alleged pedophile. Not a convicted one," said Singh. "You want a 'Smooth Criminal,' not an actual criminal."

The final gift for Phillips was a framed photo of the Rotten Tomatoes score for his movie School of Scoundrels, which received a 26 percent freshness rating. "This movie came out in 2006, so it turns out you couldn't write comedy in the pre-woke era either," she said.

Watch the full segment below.