Lilly Singh Takes on Disney+ "Outdated Cultural Depictions" Disclaimers

A LITLLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH -Lilly Singh- Publicity-H 2019
Scott Angelheart/NBC

The 'Little Late' host made new warnings for 'Sleeping Beauty,' 'Frozen,' 'Finding Nemo' and more Disney films.

Lilly Singh took on Disney+'s "outdated cultural depictions" disclaimers during Thursday's episode of A Little Late.

The disclaimer, which reads, "This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions," is included in the streaming platform's synopsis section of many of Disney's classic animated titles. Some of the films that feature the warning are 1941's Dumbo, 1967's The Jungle Book, 1953's Peter Pan and 1955's Lady and the Tramp.

The streaming service's library dates back over eight decades and features older stories with some racist and culturally insensitive depictions and references.

After Singh read the original disclaimer on her NBC late-night show, she responded, "Outdated. Because we all know racism is dead in 2019, right? I mean, just check my YouTube comments."

"I think Disney missed a few other things that audiences should've been warned about," she said before she introduced a new segment called "Even More Disney Warnings."

"First up, we need a warning for Sleeping Beauty," she began. "Warning: I can't believe I have to tell you this, but kissing a passed out woman is illegal and terrible."

She next took on The Lion King. "Warning: This movie depicts gay uncles as backstabbing murderers," said the host.

"Up next, Toy Story 2," said Singh. "Warning: This movie has made more dads cry in front of their kids than divorce lawyers."

The following film Singh created a disclaimer for was The Princess and the Frog. "Warning: Do not adjust color on your screen. Princess is actually black," she said.

Singh then warned viewers to not "get too attached to the sea turtles" in Finding Nemo because "they all end up choking on plastic straws."

"There also should've been a warning for Alice in Wonderland," she continued. "Warning: Merch for this movie will be in every Hot Topic from now until the end of time."

She next gave a warning for Frozen and said that the film "contains songs that will completely ruin parents' lives."

The segment concluded with a warning about the 2011 film Thor. "Warning: This Thor is the boring one," she said. "You're looking for Thor: Ragnarok."

Watch the full segment below.