Lilly Singh Leads Wage Gap-Inspired Workout Class

A LITLLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH -Lilly Singh- Publicity-H 2019
Scott Angelheart/NBC

The segment, inspired by '80s exercise videos, sought to get women's heart rate pumping and blood boiling by thinking about sexism in the workplace.

Lilly Singh led a wage gap-inspired workout class on Wednesday's episode of A Little Late.

The segment, in which Singh was accompanied by two other women, seemed to be inspired by '80s exercise videos, but instead of offering cardio, Singh and Co. sought to get women's heart rate pumping and blood boiling by reminding them of instances of sexism in the workplace.

"Today I'm gonna be doing an epic workout for one of the biggest problem areas all women have, the wage gap," Singh said. "I'm gonna take you through my favorite moves to decrease that gap and get those thick, desirable wages."

Singh began the workout session by instructing everyone to move their arms in circles while they thought about the wage gap. "Think about that man in your office who does the same exact job as you, but makes way more money," she said in an upbeat tone. "That makes my heart rate go way up."

She then led the women in doing squats. "Make sure your butt is clenched tight. Just as tight as your jaw when you found out Kyle got that promotion over you despite the fact that he never graduated from high school and spends half the day playing Candy Crush while sitting on the toilet," she said.

The women then transitioned to leg raises, "just like your boss raised Kyle's salary simply because Kyle wasn't afraid to ask." Singh added, "No one ever called Kyle a bitch for being assertive."

They next ran in place. "Just like you're not getting anywhere in your career," she explained.

The next exercise the women did was shrugging their shoulders. "Just like you had to shrug off your boss's gross hand when he got drunk at the Christmas party and tried to grab your boob during the company photo," she said.

The workout class concluded with the women doing lunges. "Just like you want to lunge at Kyle's throat when he steals your idea during the board meeting and tells you to smile more when he grabs your ass in the elevator," Singh said.

At the end of the class, Singh promoted other workouts inspired by women's issues, including "Cat Call Cardio Burn," "PMS Punching Bag" and "Abortion Rights Ab Attack."

Watch the full segment below.