Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyles About Feminism With Help From Emma Watson

Lin-Manuel Miranda - H 2015
Eric Ogden/The Hollywood Reporter

Lin-Manuel Miranda - H 2015

The 'Hamilton' creator celebrated International Women's Day with a special beatboxing session.

Hamilton creator-star Lin-Manual Miranda and Emma Watson recently got together on International Women's Day to create the perfect video for the Internet.

It has everything: Watson, beatboxer extraordinaire; Miranda freestyling about feminism; even a quick reference to Watson's time at Hogwarts (or at least movie sets).

The two made the video in support of Watson's HeForShe campaign, so Miranda's raps — backed by Watson's self-conscious but charming beatboxing — are all about equality. "Women are like half of the people on Earth; they should have been equal since birth," spits Miranda.

Wise words from the guy who also wrote, "I'm'a compel him to include women in the sequel!" when discussing the Declaration of Independence. Word!

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Emma Watson, Drop The Beat

And here's a SHORT clip of Emma Watson beatboxing while I freestyle about #HeForShe, if you only have 3 minutes. This was so fun.

Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Thursday, March 17, 2016