Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins James Corden for "Crosswalk The Musical: Hair"

Courtesy of CBS

Miranda sang "Age of Aquarius" in the middle of stopped traffic.

Things got super mellow on The Late Late Show on Thursday night (Aug. 17), when Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda joined host James Corden for the latest edition of the traffic-stopping bit "Crosswalk the Musical." 

This time the duo slipped into something groovy, slapped on some beaded headbands and flowing wigs to take on the legendary 1968 Broadway chronicle of all things hippie: Hair.

Because what the world needs now is love, sweet love (but, sorry James, not an orgy), the gang helped Miranda reach his ultimate musical dreams by stopping traffic so he could sing "Age of Aquarius" while wearing a flower-decked afro wig and fringed leather vest, all while getting honked at by pissed-off Los Angeles commuters.

They, of course, also took a run through the title track while hoisting giant tie-dye placards, letting it all hang out for the finale.