'Lincoln' Teaser Offers First Look at Spielberg and Day-Lewis' Epic Biopic (Video)

The Civil War-set film about the 16th president is beginning to pump up its hype machine.

Barack Obama did a Reddit AMA. Now, Lincoln is doing a Google+ Hangout.

In a bit of forward-thinking, anachronistic marketing, the Steven Spielberg-directed film about the man who saved the Union will debut its first trailer on Sept. 13 in a video chat featuring the Oscar winner and one of his stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To build anticipation, DreamWorks has released a quick preview of the film's trailer, which includes some shots of the Civil War and Daniel Day-Lewis' bearded, dead-ringer-for-Lincoln visage.

Perhaps most interestingly, the mini-trailer features a voiceover that reads the Gettysburg Address in a young, Southern-tipped accent that clearly does not belong to Day-Lewis. Who could it be?

Watch the trailer below and take a guess.

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