First 'Lincoln' Trailer: Honest Abe Gets the Spielberg Treatment (Video)

The director appears to deliver an epic production worthy of the huge story it sets out to tell.

If anticipation was high for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, then the first trailer should send it soaring past the tip of the Washington Monument.

DreamWorks and Fox have at last peeled back the curtain on the definitive screen biography of one of America's best-loved and influential presidents -- made by one of its best-loved and influential filmmakers. 

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And from the two-minute glimpse we get of the film, Spielberg appears to have delivered an epic production worthy of the huge story it sets out to tell, up there with other Civil War extravaganzas like Gone With the Wind and Glory.

At its center stands Daniel Day-Lewis, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the 16th President. He delivers what looks to be another powerful, but dialed-down performance -- one that both humanizes and elevates the deeply conflicted leader.

VIDEO: 'Lincoln' Teaser Offers First Look at Spielberg and Day-Lewis' Epic Biopic

Among the film's all-star cast are Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln, Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, appearing for a fleeting moment as eldest son Robert Todd Lincoln

Lincoln opens in theaters on November 16.