Lindsay Lohan Agrees to Turn on Christmas Lights in Small U.K. Town After Brexit Outburst

Lindsay Lohan Getty H 2016
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

The actress called out Kettering in a tweet following the EU referendum, sparking the ire of British MPs.

Anyone who has been in the U.K. over the past week will likely have drawn the conclusion that it's been one of the most peculiar seven-day periods in recent history, with the country's surprising vote to leave the EU resulting in markets crashing around the world, British politicians dropping like flies and few people really being sure what the hell is going on.

One of the strangest Brexit moments, however, concerned Lindsay Lohan, who has been spending some time in London lately.

As the votes were counted on the evening of June 23, the actress decided to vent her frustration on Twitter, tackling topics such as the value of the pound and the effect the EU has had on workplace fatalities.

The tweets were later deleted, but one stuck in the mind of the residents of a small town 83 miles north of London.

"Sorry, Kettering where are you?" she asked as the town was revealed as being among the many to have voted to leave the EU.

In yet another bizarre incident, one member of parliament, Conservative politician Philip Hollobone, addressed Lohan's tweet in a debate among fellow MPs. 

"On referendum night a week ago, the pro-Remain American actress, Lindsay Lohan, in a series of bizarre tweets, slagged off areas of this country that voted to leave the European Union,” he said.

“At one point she directed a fierce and offensive tweet at Kettering, claiming that she had never heard of it and implying that no one knew where it was. Apart from the fact that it might be the most average town in the country, everyone knows where Kettering is."

Hollobone suggested that Lohan could redeem herself in that most British C-list celebrity fashion: by switching on the Christmas lights in Kettering this December.

Adding to the farce, Lohan responded, accepting the offer, returning to Twitter to say she would be "happy" to light Kettering's Christmas tree.

Whether the U.K., Kettering or even Christmas trees still exist by then is another thing. In this post-Brexit climate, nobody is really sure of anything.