Lindsay Lohan Assault Case: 'The Investigation Is Still Continuing'

Lindsay Lohan

"I just want everyone & @TomCruise to know, that I have/had NO part in the VF story. Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work related."

The actress was arrested Nov. 29 for slapping a woman in the face at a New York City nightclub.

Lindsay Lohan's New York City nightclub brawl remains under investigation, The Associated Press reports.

The Liz & Dick star and tabloid trouble magnet did not appear in Manhattan criminal court on Monday to face the district attorney's decision on whether to make a case against Lohan for the Nov. 29 incident the club Avenue in which a woman claimed she slapped her in the face. Lohan was arrested and charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault.

Prosecutors postponed proceedings, announcing: "The investigation into this case is continuing."

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No criminal complaint has been filed, and Lohan lawyer Mark Jay Heller said he predicts the D.A. won't press charges.

Lohan's probation was revoked last month in a Los Angeles court, with a judge setting a hearing for Jan. 15 to determine whether to give the actress more jail time.

Besides the assault episode, she faces misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, lying to a police officer and obstructing an officer from performing duties following a June accident in which her car crashed into a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway.