Lindsay Lohan's Latest 'Canyons' Drama: Audio of Set Fight Leaks

Lindsay Lohan

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"Do your f---ing job," the starlet tells her co-star, porn actor James Deen, during rehearsal, according to a leaked audio clip.

Lindsay Lohan's turbulence on and off the set during the making of Paul Schrader's microbudget thriller The Canyons has been well documented, most recently by a behind-the-scenes New York Times magazine article by Stephen Rodrick detailing seemingly every on-set grumble.

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On Friday, the latest Canyons headache emerged: audio of a verbal altercation between the actress and her co-star, porn actor James Deen, was posted by TMZ. In the clip, which the celebrity website says was recorded during the third day of production, Lohan voiced some frustration at Deen. 

"What's your lines?," she said in the clip. "No, but can you do, please James, say your lines as you're walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not? Do your f---ing job." Deen responds, "I was until you started talking over me" to which Lohan reiterated: "I didn't say anything, I just walked over. Do your f---ing job."

If the Times lengthy magazine feature is an indication, this type of incident during production of the film -- which raised more than $150,000 through Kickstarter donations -- wasn't uncommon. Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis, the novelist and screenwriter for the project, dealt with numerous setbacks during filming.

At one point, Schrader fired Lohan after she didn't show up on set and later texted her "Lindsay, go home" while she was waiting for him outside his hotel room door, according to the Times magazine. Lohan, of course, was rehired. 

The Canyons has been teased in clips as a grindhouse-style melodrama. The latest trailer stated that the film would be available "soon to an Internet server of your choice."

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