Lindsay Lohan Defends Trump: "Stop Bullying Him"

The actress took to Twitter over the July Fourth holiday to tell critics to start trusting the president.

Lindsay Lohan spent her Fourth of July holiday defending Donald Trump on Twitter and praising the first family.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a Breitbart article about Trump offering support to the British parents of Charlie Gard, an infant born with a rare genetic disease. Gard's parents wish to seek experimental treatment for their baby has become a global news story, with both Trump and Pope Francis weighing in. The tweet read, "For ALL YOU CRYBABIES At @CNN Whining About Trump Beating Up Your Logo Take A Look At What A REAL POTUS & Man Does #4thOfJuly2017 #MAGA"

Lohan replied to the tweet and wrote, "THIS IS our president. Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA"

Lohan also tweeted that Donald, Ivanka, Melania and Donald Trump Jr. are all "kind people," adding, "As an American, why speak poorly of anyone?"

This past October, during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump's 2004 interview with Howard Stern, in which the two discussed Lohan, resurfaced. In the interview, Trump and Stern debate whether Lohan is "hot" and Trump talks about the actress' freckles and relationship with her father, Michael Lohan.

"She's probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed," Trump told Stern. "How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they're always the best in bed?"

Lohan was asked about his comments by Australian radio hosts on Jan. 30 of this year and she said, “I wish him the best. We live in a world of societies that consistently find fault in people. I think it’s a really scary factor. Taking someone else down is never the answer, and I think we all know that."

During the 2016 election, Lohan had said she was a fan of Hillary Clinton. Following Trump's win, she received backlash when she asked her followers if they thought there should be a recount.