Lindsay Lohan Demands $860,000, Audience With Putin for Russian TV Appearance

Lindsay Lohan Getty H 2016
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

The 'Mean Girls' actress made the demands in return for appearing on talk show 'Let Them Talk.'

Lindsay Lohan has been ruffling feathers in Moscow after allegedly demanding a fee of $860,000 (£650,000) and an audience with Vladimir Putin for appearing on a major Russian talk show., a well-known local online tabloid, published a copy of the contract allegedly sent by Lohan's lawyers to Channel One, Russia's largest television network, and producers of Pust govoryat (Let Them Talk).

The contract stipulated a one-off $860,000 fee for Lohan, "full and effective security" during her visit to Moscow and a "fully paid suite at the Ritz Carlton." The contract also lists several people, including Lohan's former Russian boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov, with whom the network should not "carry out any form of interview" within 12 months of filming Lohan's show.

The network considered Lohan's demands unreasonable. Andrey Malakhov, the talk show's host, was quoted by as saying that "dreams and reality are not the same." He suggested that the actress should look at the situation "reasonably."

According to Malakhov, Lohan also requested a meeting with President Vladimir Putin as one of the conditions for appearing on the show, although there was no mentioning of it in the contract.

"I don't know what she wanted to discuss with him, probably Amur tigers or issues of people suffering from drug abuse," he said, adding that he hopes Lohan will still reconsider her demands, making them more reasonable.