Lindsay Lohan Dyes Blonde Hair Back to Ravishing Red (Poll)

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Days after THR's open letter to the actress about going back to her natural hue, she appears with renewed red hair.

After watching Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live last weekend, we felt compelled to dispense something we seldom do: image advice. In an item entited "Lindsay Lohan Needs a Makeunder to Make Her Big Comeback", we offered a few tips to the actress to reinvigorate her Hollywood career. 

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Our No. 1 tip? "Get rid of that long, blonde, strawlike hair. You are a beautiful young woman, and your own glossy, natural auburn color is loveably unique. So make peace with it."

We also put up a poll in which readers voted on what she should do to get her career going again. About 15.68 percent said, "Go back to your natural hair color" and 17.34 percent suggested stopping the use of facial fillers. Only 1.11 percent said "ease up on makeup." "Go vegan" and "Drink more water" got low marks (probably because everyone knows that won't work by itself). "Hire a great stylist" got 3.14 percent of the votes. But "All of the above" category got 61.81 percent of the readers's thumbs up.

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So darned if photos of Lohan didn't appear today (via Splash) with her hair dyed back to its natural auburn color, wearing flare jeans, a brown T-shirt and an orange jacket. 

She even brushed those heavy bangs to the side and approximated her trademark middle part. And a darn good color job it was, too. Her hair has a healthy shine to it now, one we haven't seen in years. So Tracey Cunningham, her longtime colorist who did the return-to-red, mega BRAVO!

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Not to be niggly but don't forget our other tips: Dress your age and hire a good stylist. And Lohan, if you need any stylist direction, check out next week's The Hollywood Reporter annual style issue with a major feature on the top 25 power stylists in Hollywood.