Lindsay Lohan judge quits case

Steps down amid accusations of improper behavior

The judge overseeing Lindsay Lohan's latest legal troubles has quit the case, reports celebrity website TMZ. Judge Marsha Revel has stepped down specifically from this case amid allegations of impropriety.

According to TMZ's sources, Lohan's lawyers complained that Judge Revel had moved beyond her responsibilities by contacting people involved in the case without the lawyers' prior knowledge or involvement. Of particular issue is the allegation that the judge contacted and then chose the Morningside Recovery rehab facility for Lohan despite the facility not being on the list supplied by court-approved experts. Lohan eventually ended up in a UCLA rehab program upon her lawyers' insistence.

A meeting between the actress' legal team and Judge Revel took place in Beverly Hills last Friday to address the allegations of improper behavior. Later, Judge Elden Fox was announced as the new judge on the case.