Actors Union Warns 'Liz & Dick' Over Working Conditions, But Producer Says Union Found No Problem

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Lindsay Lohan, as Taylor, began production June 4 on "Liz & Dick," with Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

UPDATED: SAG-AFTRA, which visited the set of the Lindsay Lohan film, says it "will ensure that all applicable penalties will be paid” – but the producer says that the union rep found no problem.

Actors union SAG-AFTRA has apparently brought down the hammer on the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, stating that “applicable penalties will be paid” by the production if due, in the wake of reports over the weekend that star Lindsay Lohan suffered from exhaustion and dehydration from overwork and that two crewmembers went to the hospital for the same reason.

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However, producer Larry Thompson painted a different picture in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that “An AFTRA rep visited us on the set late yesterday afternoon and was TOTALLY fine with everything.”

In contrast, the union said in a statement, “We have thoroughly investigated this matter and our business representatives have visited, and will continue to visit, the set of Liz & Dick.  We have spoken with representatives from the company and they are fully aware of their contractual obligations.”

The union added, “We will ensure that all applicable penalties will be paid.” A spokeswoman clarified that the union was not, at least at this time, asserting publicly that penalties are in fact due.

Thompson’s statement also addressed the basis for SAG-AFTRA’s involvement: “I asked her (i.e., the union representative) specifically had they received any complaints from any AFTRA member and she said no, but their curiosity and desire to inquire was prompted by tweets and comments in the media.”

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THR first reported on the investigations by SAG-AFTRA and the crew union, IATSE, on Tuesday.

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