Didn't You Get The Memo? It's Lindsay Lohan Day on the Internet

Courtesy Olivia Richardson for Into the Gloss
Lohan on IntotheGloss.com

Don't ask us — we haven't figured out why either

It's quite the career trajectory: Mean Girls, A Prairie Home Companion, the Liz & Dick Lifetime movie, an OWN reality show, David Mamet. Really, it's quite the everything trajectory: talent, fame, late-night raging with reckless abandon, atonement, theft, second-third-and-fourth-chances, wash, repeat, move to London. The train wreck that has been La Vida Lohan never fails to captivate — and if today is any indication — indeed, people still care. 

It turns out yesterday's splashy headlines regarding Lohan lacking a certain mandatory female undergarment at a LOVE magazine party were the precursor to her debut today in the glossy's Advent-themed series. A video directed by Liz Collins has the mercurial starlet outfitted in a preppy-sweater-and-tube-sock combo blowing kisses in tune to Vicki Beckham's "This Groove" (sans that same necessary fashion object she forgot for the fete). 

Next, the beauty site Into The Gloss launched an in-home tour with the Speed-the-Plow star, which may or may not have perked up a few eyebrows (those that can still move, that is). In a groundbreaking interview, Lohan says "On a normal day, I start with a shower," and whenever she thinks beauty — she "thinks Chanel." Lohan then delves into the oodles of products she lathers on to look like a "normal" 28-year-old. No mention of injectables, but plenty for stress relief (self-applied manis are "therapeutic," but baths are gross — "you're sitting in your own filth!").

Then we noticed makeup pro Charlotte Tilbury #FashionFlashbacked a 2007 Miu Miu campaign on Instagram starring none other than you-know-who. And the best part — she actually looks 28!

Rumor has it that the flame-haired thespian is heading back to Lala Land for a night out with sister Ali. (Are you having a  #Flashback we'd all rather not #Flashback to?)

The saga continues. Do you give a hoot? Is your Lindsay fatigue fueled by this post? Are you, too, thrilled that 2006 is indeed over and both Lohan and Paris Hilton now spend more time away from U.S. soil? Feel free to vent below.