Lindsay Lohan: New York City Restaurant Entrepreneur? (Report)

Lindsay Lohan SXSW - P 2013
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Lindsay Lohan SXSW - P 2013

The "Canyons" media magnet was spotted eyeing a controversial commercial space in Tribeca.

Following a series of brushes with the law and acting roles that have drawn the worst kinds of buzz, Lindsay Lohan may be turning her attention to the restaurant business.

The tabloid fixture is making headlines for a sighting in New York City's tony Tribeca neighborhood, where she was heard talking about "the potential design" for a restaurant in the area, according to the Tribeca Citizen (via Grub Street). 

"We’re told that Lindsay Lohan was in the retail store currently in our commercial space late this afternoon," a source told the site. "Importantly, she was talking about the potential design of the space, including where she would like to put a bar and a DJ booth."

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that the space in question won't be turned over to Lohan but rather chef Enrique Olvera, who intends to open an upscale Mexican restaurant, and that the 26-year-old actress had visited there (not with Olvera) when it hit the market. 

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"I have no idea how [Lohan’s] name got involved with this. .... The tenant is a very high-end Mexican restaurant with one of the leading chefs in the world. A number of people are concerned about what they perceive to be the potential nuisance of a restaurant. As far as I am concerned, they’re using [Lohan’s] name to get some coverage so they can develop more controversy," Stephen Corelli, landlord and owner of the architecture firm Triarch, told the Post.

Some Tribeca residents are unhappy with the opening of a potential dining hotspot; a hearing on whether to bestow the venue a liquor license is scheduled for next month.

Lohan, whose rep did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment, has a hearing slated for March 1 in LA. The media magnet, who most recently starred in Lifetime's critically panned Liz and Dick, faces a trio of misdemeanors stemming from a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in June 2012 for which she pleads not guilty. 

Lohan headlines The Canyons, the Paul Schrader-directed erotic thriller co-starring porn star James Deen, which is seeking distribution, and she also makes a cameo opposite Charlie Sheen in the upcoming horror-movie parody Scary Movie 5.

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