Lindsay Lohan pokes fun at self during VMAs

Kanye West receives some boos during Sunday's show

NEW YORK -- Lindsay Lohan made a special appearance during a skit as part of the opening sequence of Sunday night's 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The star made fun of drinking habits in a backstage run-in with VMA host Chelsea Handler on her way to the stage in a skit that appeared to be pre-taped.

Lohan asked if Handler was drunk, with the host replying no. "Then why is your ankle bracelet going off?" Lohan shot back. Handler said it just meant her table at Cheesecake Factory was ready.

"Wake up, Handler!" Lohan yelled pushing her against a wall, telling her people don't want to hang out with drunks. "Take it from me, they don't."

After the Lohan skit, Handler opened the show onstage dressed up as Lady Gaga before poking fun at other big names in attendance, including Justin Bieber.

She also referenced last year's Taylor Swift-Kanye West controversy, sharing her technique for dealing with a "random person interrupting" people onstage. Handler then called out an attacker whom she swiftly kicked to the stage floor.

Last year's Kanye West-Taylor Swift scandal kept coming up during Sunday's show. Swift performed a ballad -- believed to be a song for West on this night. The lyrics sympathized with the difficulties and challenges of a star in the spotlight. "Thirty-two and still growing up," one line said.

West closed the night with his song "Runaway," calling for a toast for douchebags, scumbags and others. There were boos for West, but also some "Kanye!" chants following his performance.

Comedian Aziz Ansari ("Parks & Recreation") had introduced West and tried to make light of last year's decision by West to jump on the VMA stage to interrupt Swift's award acceptance speech. Anzari said he didn't know why everyone seemed upset at West last year before pretending to get a call from "Jersey Shore's" Ronnie, whom apparently filled the comic in. Anzari still concluded that last year's events sounded "hilarious."

In another possible watercooler moment at the VMAs, Lady Gaga accepted the award for best female video of the year for "Bad Romance" by telling her "little monsters, we're the cool kids at the party" this time.

"Thank you to MTV for playing my video, even though they asked me to cut so much out," she added. "And I refused, because we were born this way, baby!"

Cher, announced to big applause and a standing ovation, came out in her "If I Could Turn Back Time" outfit to present the final award of the night -- video of the year.

"So far, I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair" -- and the smallest outfit, she quipped. "In the old days I used to get thrown off MTV for wearing things like that," but nowadays such clothes seem "tame."

She also joked: "I got shoes older than most nominees."

Lady Gaga accepted from Cher the video of the year honor, after collecting several others earlier that made her the winningest performer of the night. She also announced the name of her new record: "Born This Way."

One surprise appearance, in the opening number "Love the Way You Lie" with Eminem, was Rihanna, who wasn't previously confirmed as she has been busy shooting the movie "Battleship."

Lesley Goldberg and Philiana Ng in Los Angeles contributed to this report.