Lindsay Lohan Poses With a Gun for Controversial Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan Chateau Marmont Terry Richardson - H 2012
Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan Chateau Marmont Terry Richardson - H 2012

This isn't the actress' first suicidal fashion pose. She put a gun in her mouth for a session with Tyler Shields in 2010.

Just ten days after paramedics were called to Lindsay Lohan’s Ritz Carlton hotel room in Marina del Ray because she was in such a deep sleep that she couldn’t be roused, the troubled actress is up to her old attention-getting antics again. 

This week, she pulled out a gun to pose for notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson at the Chateau Marmont, her favorite hangout. Richardson, known for his sexually provocative photography, has shot campaigns for designers Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and YSL, as well clothing lines Aldo, Diesel and Diane Von Furstenberg. He's also shot editorials for Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

It's worth noting that Richardson's career has also been plagued by accusations of sexual abuse from young models who have posed for him.

This isn't Lohan's first time in the photographic firing line. She first posed with a handgun for another controversial L.A. photographer, Tyler Shields in 2010, making all kinds of lurid headlines for his photography book, The Dark Side of Glamour.

The photos of Lohan with the firearm have been removed from Richardsons Diary, but the ones that remain aren't exactly high school yearbook worthy. In most, she looks woozy, glamorously disheveled and half naked. 

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to have Lindsay playing Elizabeth Taylor in the currently shooting film, Liz and Dick, so soon after she's put her ongoing legal problems behind her. The iconic actress had alcohol problems during her widely publicized boozy marrige to Richard Burton.

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